refrigerator-boxStumbling upon a curbside cardboard refrigerator box before the garbage men could get their dirty paws on it was exponentially more joyous than if I had found Willy Wonka’s last Golden Ticket.

One person’s trash was indeed another child’s treasure. A treasure that opened up a world of creativity and limitless imagination.

The world (mom) marveled at my cardboard creations:

  • A kick-ass tank that fired heat-seeking missiles (rocks) at my enemies (me just chucking rocks out of a cut hole at the top).
  • A head-turning, bulletproof (chrome spray paint) limousine, with two mismatched hubcaps found in a nearby alley. The bulletproof was necessary to ensure the safety of my passengers from drive-by shootings.
  • A rocket ship that blasted me to Saturn (hula hoop with a basketball at its core).
  • A dance floor (flatten the refrigerator box on the street corner and you had the largest breakdancing spot in the entire neighborhood).

I’m reminded of the power of childhood imagination and creativity each time I drive pass one of these cardboard treasures in the trash.

Our imaginations and creative aspirations seem to diminish as we get older. We take on grown-up responsibilities that consist of 12-hour workdays, frequent errands to run, an ever-growing list of household chores, and family obligations.

Combine life’s new responsibilities with living in an era of constant distractions pecking away at our brains and most nights we find ourselves wondering how the hell the clock dial managed to strike 10.

Many of us have creative ambitions that can forever remain lurking in the shadows whether it’s starting a new business or side project; writing an e-book; taking an online class; learning how to draw; programming a new app or launching a blog. A rewired mindset is needed in order to retrieve and pounce on the creative ambitions from behind the shadows.

Brain Rewired researches and shares compelling studies, stories, resources, and activities focused on rewiring your brain to think differently through slow and steady prescribed dosage injections of creativity.

Tap into the power of neuroplasticity and the brain’s amazing ability to transform itself by forming new neural connections at any age.

Get back inside the cardboard refrigerator box again and start creating.


Image by Vincent Laconte