So your parents never could decipher all of those childhood drawings and construction paper objects you made for them in the first grade but their smiles always seemed so damn genuine. Your stick figure humans looked like insects and your insects looked like stick figure humans. A crayon, paintbrush, flute and harmonica did for you what a chunk of kryptonite attached to a chain did for Superman wrapped tight around his neck.

You were never the creative type. Never the so-called “right-brain” type.

I desperately aspired to be an artist and it was soul crushing once I realized that because I couldn’t draw cartoons, I would have to settle for crunching numbers and creating spreadsheets.

It wasn’t until later in life that I decided to reintroduce a series of creative outlets and activities back into my daily routine as a means to generate new ideas and attempt to awaken the part of my brain that had been dormant for so many years.

Is it working?

Well I still can’t draw. As a matter of fact I recently attempted to sketch a portrait of my beautiful girlfriend that turned out to be a disaster. It looked nothing like her nor anything that resembled a human being for that matter. My sketch looked like an insect. I think she was offended. There will be no requests from her anytime soon asking me to draw her like one of my French girls—a Jack Dawson I will never be.

However there are a few things that do seem to be working:

  • Discovering and cultivating new forms of creative expression and skillsets
  • Learning how to communicate thoughts and ideas visually
  • Generating new ideas
  • Understanding the importance of selective ignorance in a chaotic world of digital noise
  • A realization that a stereotypical left-brained, logical and analytical thinker at any age can indeed rewire the mind to think creatively

Once we hit our thirties and beyond, it can be difficult starting a new creative endeavor or taking action on a brilliant idea that’s been stuck in your head for years.

Brain Rewired was established to share compelling stories, resources, activities, and studies focused on rewiring your brain to think differently through prescribed dosage injections of creativity.