Does Creativity Die Once We Reach Our 30s?

I’m friends with a disgruntled bartender in his late thirties who has a clever idea to build a software program that would allow every bar in the world to better manage their craft beer inventory. For ten minutes, there is an incandescent glow that radiates from his animated body while he pitches his idea to […]

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A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Lesson in Life

There is a scene in Jurassic Park where a helpless goat is lowered into a field and served up on a dinner platter for a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  The goat whimpers a few “Meh-eh-ehs,” and is then devoured by the T-Rex. I felt like the Jurassic Park goat walking into my first day of jiu-jitsu class […]

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Is Your Body Going to Outlive Your Brain?

My third grade teacher pelted me in the head with an eraser. The soft, rectangular object ricocheted off my head and nearly landed back in his hand like an eraser boomerang. I coughed from the cloud of chalk dust that engulfed my head after the impact. Blinded by the chalk dust, I slowly raised my chalky […]

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Science Fiction Books Spark the Launch of Khan Academy

What started off as amateur YouTube video lectures from his tiny closet home office to tutor his cousins from afar—blossomed into Khan Academy—a video network consisting of over two million subscribers looking to educate themselves in math, biology, computer science, physics and other subjects. Salman Khan had such a knack for online lecturing that his […]

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