Be Humble. Sit Down

So that beautiful landscape photo you posted on Instagram only tallied up two whole likes—one from grandma who clicked the heart button on accident and the other from “AnastasiaXXX” who is looking to lure in new clients for her burgeoning webcam business. No one is reading those blog posts you spent hours slaving over. Your […]

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Winter is the Time to Make Things Happen

A stock boy’s salary would not allow me to fix the heater in my beat-up 1986 Pontiac Grand-Am during one dreary Detroit winter of my sophomore year in high school. Each morning I picked up two friends who would prepare for the bone-chilling commute by slapping on extra layers of clothing and wrapping scarves around […]

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The Internet is Rewiring Our Brains

WALL-E, the 2008 animated film, takes us inside a spaceship filled with the last of earth’s inhabitants whom have morphed into obese, dimwitted, and lazy Internet addicts. All of mankind has turned completely immobile as they spend every waking moment glued to a multimedia digital display while strapped into futuristic hovering lounge chairs. WALL-E accidentally […]

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coffee and creativity

Can Coffee Boost Creativity?

SATAN’s DRINK—what some Europeans called coffee when the exotic drink first made its way from Arabia to Europe in the seventeenth century. Such an honorable label would have been more fitting tied to tequila but nevertheless, the Christian Europeans shunned the arrival of coffee to their native land. The resistance didn’t last too long however […]

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